Cabins 1-3

Cabins 1 – 3 do not have running water, but have cooking facilities.
There are pillows and duvets in all cabins, but not bedding ..
All cabins have 3-4 beds and a small terrace.

Cabins 4-6

Cabins 4 – 6 have running water, cooking facilities and a private terrace. The cabins have 3 beds. These are located 30-40 meters from the water’s edge, near the playground.

There are duvets and pillows, but no bedding …

Cabins 9A and 9B

Cabin 9a is our largest cabin. This has running water, its own toilet and shower.
The cottage has 2 bedrooms with 5 beds, living room, kitchenette and TV.

Apartment B, C og D

Apartment c is handicap accessible